CLICK HERE for a .pdf of the MB Classes offered at the 2019 Roane State Merit Badge College

Darby Abbott (Abram’s dad), will serve as the troop registrar for this event.

Registration opens on 11/1/18. Please email  or text at 865-567-2693 and let Darby know which badge your scout would like to register for.

Classes fill quickly, please respond to Darby with your class selection by 11/1/2018!

To register we need to know:

1) Scout’s Name

2) Age (As of Feb. 16, 2019)

3) The Merit Badge Class you want and (4) four more alternatives.

We will determine details, transportation etc. based on how many Scouts are planning to go.

MB CodeBadge NameRequirements Not Covered
ASAnimal Science6
ARArchaeology4, 5 & 10
AMAutomotive MaintenanceNone
CKCooking4c, 4d, and 4e & 6d, 6e and 6f
COCommunication3 (bring speech to MBC for presentation) 4, 5, 6 & 8
CRCrime Prevention4 & 5
DGDigital Technology1 (bring thumb drive to save work)
ELElectricity2, 8 & 9a
FSFire SafetyConduct home safety survey, 6a, 11
FAFirst Aid1, 2d
FFFly Fishing#10 (bring what equipment you might have)
GCGeocaching9 (Complete #7 prior to the MBC)
NSNuclear ScienceNone
OROrienteering1 & 10—bring compass, dress for outdoors, including rain
PRProgramming1 (bring thumb drive to save work)
PHPhotographyNone—Bring thumb/jump drive with images for either 4a or 4b
RAReptile & Amphibian Study8
SSSigns, Signals & Codes7
SWSoil & Water Conservationscouts should complete 7 a, b, c & f on their own. 7d & e will be covered in class.
TSTraffic SafetyNone
VMVeterinary MedicineNone
Badges with Rank and Age Restrictions (First Class & up)
CNCitizenship in the Nation2, 3 & 6
CWCitizenship in the World7c
ESEnvironmental Science4
PMPersonal Management1, 2, 8c & 8d (scout should know how to compute percentages)